Boat Lettering

Boat Lettering

Purchase Premium when it matters

A boat is a purchase that is guaranteed to bring hours of good times.  Another guarantee is that it will need maintenance and hours of work.  It is for this reason we highly recommend that when you are choosing the graphics and lettering for your boat you should always use a premium vinyl product.  Choosing the correct vinyl for your boat can save you the work of having to do it again.


The quality of vinyl is typically rated by its expected longevity outdoors.  The most common vinyl is known as intermediate vinyl.  This vinyl is typically a calendared product and has an outdoor rating of 2 to 5 years.  Premium vinyl is typically thinner and is a cast product not calendared.  It usually has a life expectancy of 7 years or more. 


If vinyl has an enemy it would be the sun.  How many times have you seen vinyl letters faded or curling up?  This is caused by UV rays and happens over years of exposure. Choosing a premium vinyl will help protect your job.   An additional measure you can take is to have your vinyl protected further by laminating it.  As you know a boat is very likely to be exposed to both sunlight and bumps and bangs.   Lamination will help protect your vinyl from abrasion as well as UV rays.


It is important that you realize that vinyl is available in many different brands and quality levels.  If you are looking to save some money, then Intermediate is a valid option that will give you several years of service.  On the other hand if durability is important to you then premium possibly with lamination is what you should consider.


As you can see vinyl lettering is a very versatile project with many options available to you.  It is important that you understand your options both in quality and color.  If you would like more information on the value of Vinyl Lettering please do not hesitate to Contact us we will be glad to assist you with your vinyl lettering project.

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