Window Lettering

Window Lettering

Choosing the proper colors for your window letters

So you are considering window lettering for your organization.  It is a wonderful choice for getting your message out to your customers.  In the process of planning your window lettering there are two goals that should be on the top of your list. 


  1. Your window lettering needs to do a good job of representing your organization so make sure you get it designed properly.
  2. Your window lettering needs to be very easy to read and understand.


About the most common mistake we see in regards to window lettering is the wrong color choices.  Many people think that black is a good color for a window.  When in reality it is the worst color you can choose.  Act like you are sticking lettering on a black surface and you will be much better off. 


The best color choices for glass are light colors such as white or yellow.  These colors will stand out quite well on a window.  We realize that some times your options are limited.  For example; what if your logo colors are red and black? 


If you have a situation where you really need to place dark colors on your glass then outline them with white.  Your lettering will look good and be much more visible. 


So when you are ready to choose your colors, keep in mind that a window is a dark surface.  Just because light shines thru , do not assume it is a light background.  


 If you would like more information on the value of window lettering please do not hesitate to Contact us we will be glad to assist you with your vinyl lettering project.

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