Registration Numbers

Registration Numbers

Know the facts about your Registration numbers.

Registration numbers are used very regularly on numerous different vehicles.  Of course there are other purposes for registration numbers as well.  This information should be valuable regardless of the purpose for your registration numbers.


When ordering registration numbers it would be wise to consider the following.


  1. What size requirements exist for your lettering?  Many people just guess and pay the price later on.
  2. Are there any color requirements?  Not only are some registrations supposed to be a particular color they may even require a solid color with no shadows or borders.
  3. Are their any text requirements?  In many cases just a bold block font is fine.  However you should be sure before you proceed with your registration number order.


It would also be wise to understand the limitations of the product you choose.  Will just vinyl lettering work?  Can you simply post it on a wall or on a vehicle?  Do they require a white or any other color background?    Are you required to place your registration numbers on an actual sign?


These are all questions you should consider when planning your registration number project.  Make sure you know the facts before you order your numbers. 


For more information on Registration Numbers please Contact us.  One of our top notch customer service representatives will be glad to assist you.

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